Dentrocoin is a BEP-20 verified smart contract executed on Binance Smart Chain as a token for the assessing of services within Dentro ecosystem.

Dentrocoin’s symbol is DENTRO and it is physically backed by assets represented in Dentro Economic Trees (DETs).

Dentrocoin’s total supply is 500,000,000 DENTRO, having a direct connection with estimated plantable Dentro Economic Trees(DETs) into the next three decades.

On the other side, every 50DENTRO together with 50 Dentro Economic Trees (DETs) back up each Dentro Reserve Tree(DRT) as a representation of each human life on earth planet.

We have in our projection for population growth into the next three decades inculcated a feasible link between Dentrocoin and human life.

A range of products will spring from economic engagements within Dentro Ecosystem; plantations of various kinds and consequent processing of proceeds into economic goods, the establishment and promotion of resorts, safaris and game reserves in tourism sector across continents.

Meanwhile, Dentro Foundation will lead activities that will lead to realization of the one tree for one man goal. Dentro Foundation will lead us to the planting of 10billion Reserve Trees into the next three decades, leveraging on the power of community, engagement of the governments, international organization and agencies, as a conscious collaborative efforts at seeing us making the earth a safer planet for us all.


As a definitive measure scarcity and ensure appreciation of Dentrocoin Value, great team behind this initiative have equated a token for one Dentro Economic Tree (DET). Hence, on the maturity of each DET, the proceeds therein will be directed at retrieving a Dentrocoin from circulation.

Therefore, at a regular interval(presumably 4years), the declaration will be.made of the Dentrocoins retrieved and the burning will be made visible to the whole community.

The buyback will be strategically carried out until Dentrocoin is considerably reduced in circulation

Our insight is into hundreds of years, since our mission is to safe this earth planets for ourselves and generations to come. Therefore, the Dentro Project will continue to work with all its resources until every where is made green, safe and secure for us all and the generation to come.






  • Token: Dentrocoin
  • Symbol: DENTRO
  • Decimal: 18
  • Type: BEP20
  • Block chain: BNB Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 DENTRO




Dentrocoin may be purchased from or any other Decentralized exchange that supports the Binance Smart Chain.

Get a decentralized wallet e.g, Trust wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, etc and connect it to any decentralized exchange that supports Binance Chain.

Use the Dentrocoin contract address to locate the DENTRO and purchase Dentrocoin with your Binance Coin already on Binance Smart Chain.

Dentrocoin will also be listed in Centralized Exchanges as we continue gain more and more exposures for Dentro Project, Dentro Foundation and Dentrocoin.

Once you hold Dentrocoins, you automatically become a stakeholder in our progressive campaign to safe our dear earth and ourselves.

Dentrocoin (DENTRO) Contract Address