[This Roadmap is temporary and it’s subject to review]

DENTRO Team has developed a culture of delivering on the promises. As such, the accomplishments speak volume since the inception of the project in the first quarter of the year 2021. This roadmap review therefore itemizes the project accomplishments and what we look on to bring into the crypto space as a proponent of planet re-greening and advocate of independence for crypto-economy:

1st Quarter 2021

Idea Generation
Constitution of Dentro Project Team.
Project Planning and Design

2nd Quarter 2021.

Launching of social media platforms
The Launch of  the Project website:-
Dentrocoin v1 Smart Contract Deployment
Whitepaper Development
Dentrocoin v1 Giveaway (Airdrop)

3rd Quarter 2021.

Dentrocoin v2 Smart Contract Deployment and Migration
Launching of DENTRO/BNB Liquidity Pool on DEX-
The Lock of 55% Dentrocoin  and LP Token with DxSale


4th Quarter 2021.

Listing of Dentrocoin on CEXes
DentroBiz’s incorporation of Dentlink International
Listing of Dentrocoin on Coinmarketcap
Commissioning of Dentlink Mall, in West Africa. 


1st Quarter 2022.

Launching of DentroPay; Official Decentralised Wallet of Dentrocoin for Sending, Receiving and Storage of Cryptocurrencies
Mini Swap; Exchanging Cryptocurrencies to Dentrocoin on DentroPay
 Mini P2P; Buying Dentrocoin with Fiat on DentroPay
Website Redevelopment
Whitepaper Review
Roadmap Review
Influencers promotions
DentroPay Referral Campaign targeting 100,000 holders

2nd Quarter 2022.

Launching of  Dentro-MS  for Dentrocoin’s Merchants’ Adoption
Media Promotions
Activation of Global Airtime Top-up on DentroPay
More Major CEX Listings of Dentrocoin



3rd Quarter 2022.

Formal Launching of Dentro Foundation 
Commencement of Re-greening Agenda
Saving and Staking on DentroPay
DEX integration on DentroPay Dapp
More Media Coverage Promotions
First Vesting of the Locked Tokens
More CEX Listings and IEOs
First Burning of Unsold Tokens from IEOs 

4th Quarter 2022.

Extension of DentroBiz Tentacles
Further Planting Efforts by Dentro Foundation
More Major Listing of Dentrocoin
Reviewing the Swap and P2P Features on DentroPay
More Media Promotions

Special Event Estimate of Trees Planted in 2022 and Dentrocoin’s Burning
NEXT: Further Development of the Dentro Ecosystem and Replication of Successes from DentroBiz and Dentro Foundations in Other Regions
Note: Subsequent phases will result from the successes recorded from the unveiled phase


Dentrocoin (DENTRO) Contract Address