We aim to make this planet more habitable for human living through aggressive afforestation, while advancing the cryptocurrency adoption by pursuing the realization of independence for crypto economy with a view to enable the masses assessing their daily needs with cryptocurrencies without necessarily converting their digital assets to fait currencies.

Therefore this project targets planting of trees across the continents of the world and equally establish business platforms serving various human needs with cryptocurrencies as the principal medium of exchange.

While this mission is very ambitious, we believe its accomplishment will go a long way to reduce the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, normalize the climate and make our earth a safer place again.

We owe it to humanity to save this planet. Hence the reason for targeting revival of forests, planting reserve trees, greening of metropolis through the collaborative efforts of Dentro Foundation, the charity arm of the Dentro Project.

We also owe it to cryptocurrency as an industry to advance its adoption by the masses, whose current perception of the cryprocurrencies still remain in the doubt. As well, too much reliance of cryprocurrencies on the whims of traditional business institutions for adoption has done more harm to the stability of digital currencies as a medium of exchange and an alternative to cash.

Recent instance is the announcement of the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk on the acceptance of bitcoin as payment for Tesla’s electronic cars, bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies suddenly experienced correction to less than half of their worth.

This incidence exposed the fragility of this new class of financial asset, a situation that raises doubt in all the stakeholders.
Dentro Project therefore resolves to pursue the realization of INDEPENDENT CRYPTO-ECONOMY, through creation of business platforms that will ensure the usage of Dentrocoin and through which the masses will assess their daily transactional needs.

With DentroBiz, we shall build resorts, economic tree plantations, restaurant chains, store chains, gas stations etc. For these services and products, the masses will be able to pay with Dentrocoin.

This will lessen the dependence of cryptocurrencies on the adoption of traditional businesses, and will go a very long way to ensure market stability for cryptocurrencies, which can then effectively serve as a store of value without the fear of unnecessary volatility.

We have devised an ecosystem within which value will be transferred with the usage of Dentrocoin. Hence, in the market, Dentrocoin will become a necessary bridge between other cryptocurrencies and the masses.