Foundation is an integral part of Dentro Ecosystem without which Dentro Project re-greening mission will be unrealizable.
Dentro Foundation is a non -profit making organization with the sole mission to make this earth green, safe and secure.

Dentro foundation with branches across the continents will collaborate with heads of governments in various regions and relevant arms/agencies of UN and other regional organizations to collaborate on combating climate change and neutralize its effects.

Dentro Foundation will work with various local organizations to assess the dangers and educate the local populace on defects of deforestation, human extractive activities and explorations.

Where possible, the foundation will influence studies and researches into the alternative energies and affordability to reduce the dangers which are inherent in the existing systems.

The Dentro Foundation, although will be positioned to attract local and international aids, its main seed capital will spring from 20% of Dentrocoin Total Supply.

Dentro Foundation will get more funding from the grants accruing from the profits generated on DentroBiz venturing activities, hence continuous sustenance of re-greening agenda