DentroPay is the DENTRO official decentralized wallet, designed as a convenient and sustainable crypto payment solution. It is conceived to ease the payment at various market places.

DentroPay comes with features such as Sending, Receiving, and Storage of listed cryptocurrencies. It also makes it possible to swap cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. to Dentrocoin, while facilitating payment for items assessed through Dentrobiz ventures.

Dapp gateway is another menu that will open DentroPay users to a whole new world of Defi, being the future of Decentralized finances.

Meanwhile, embedded in the design of DentroPay is the provision for Global Airtime Top-up with Dentrocoin, as well as saving and staking investment opportunities. This constitutes an incentive for the users to hold Dentrocoin.

Continuous upgrade will see DentroPay solving many problems and adding a number of features which will further reinforce its relevance to the growing world of decentralized finance.