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Dentro Project is all about saving our planet earth, the lives within and the prosperity of all. Let’s make our planet Greener!



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55% Token locked with DXSALE for four years.


Why You Should Choose Dentrocoin?

Dentro is derived from the Greek word “∆evtpo” meaning “The Tree” and Dentro Project takes its root from the consideration of TREE as a crucial element necessary to the survival of our earth and all the livings that inhabit it.
In mythologies, Tree represents life, growth and by extension, the wisdom, power and prosperity. Therefore, Dentro Project is all about saving our planet earth, the lives within and the prosperity of all.

Dentrocoin is listed on


DENTRO Team has developed a culture of delivering on the promises. As such, the accomplishments speak volume since the inception of the project in the first quarter of the year 2021. This roadmap review therefore itemizes the project accomplishments and what we look on to bring into the crypto space as a proponent of planet re-greening and advocate of independence for crypto-economy.

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We owe it to humanity to save this planet. Hence the reason for targeting revival of forests, planting reserve trees, greening of metropolis through the collaborative efforts of Dentro Foundation, the charity arm of the Dentro Project.
We also owe it to cryptocurrency as an industry to advance its adoption by the masses, whose current perception of the cryprocurrencies still remain in the doubt.

Still have questions?

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange that relies on a decentralised network, which facilitates a peer to peer exchange of transactions secured by public key cryptography.

Dentrocoin is the token of Dentro Ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 token smart contract executed and verified on Binance Smart Chain. It will be used for the exchange of values regarding the products and services that spring within Dentro Ecosystem.

The main purpose of Dentro Project is the realization of safe, secure and healthy earth for human beings and other living species that are being drawn to extinction due to deforestation, excessive emissions of greenhouse gases and other extractive activities of human being which include but not limited to unsafe agricultural practices.

At the Centre of the solution to the consequent climate change which resulted from the listed causative factors is the REVIVAL OF FOREST and Dentrocoin is a token dedicated to meet the stated end.

Dentro Project proposed the need for 500 millions DETs and 10billions DRTs to fully safe our earth and both with direct linkage to Dentrocoin created. In our proposal, we dedicate each Dentrocoin to 1 DET and 50DETs for 1DRT. Each DRT is planted for a human life saving. Hence the notion each tree for a life.

The recent hypes around crypto tokens have centered around me mes and much emphasis on exploration of other planets. Dentro Project see a unprecedented void in the neglect of the most important planet earth which is where human and other living species are designed to abide.

This earth is threatened by excess green house gases and at is root is the destruction of forests.

Dentro Project therefore choose to make earth more habitable for living than pursuit of place on other planets.

When a DRT is nurtured into maturity, the process of retrieving 50Dentrocoin from circulation is automatically activated. The proceeds from 50DETs is dedicated to see this done by buying back and public burning. The more the DRTs Planted, the more the Dentrocoins burnt.